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Endeavours of the New World


So this is the first post. After having pondered for about three weeks, and then rapidly racked my brains in the last twenty-four hours, I’ve gone for what is actually a stupidly simple and obvious name for my baking frolics.

With my first ever cake stall at the first ever London Underground Market just over a week away; in true McManus style I have left rather a lot, if not all of it, to the last minute. I haven’t got a clue what to make (apart from hot cross buns – thought they would be seasonal), how much to sell it for, what to put it in, even how to get to sodding Kilburn.

But I am sufficiently calm tonight as I whipped up, literally, some meringues. That sounds rather smug, but it was actually quite easy – three eggs whites I had in the fridge, a bowlful of sugar, and some jarred cherry compote (a new guilty pleasure).

Lovely Meringue

Look at the pretentious little clouds of sugar

I’m going to tuck in, think about what to bake and sell, and design, and then write. I hope to be a bit funnier. Do bear with me, it’ll all start taking shape soon enough*!

Final Product

It was bloody good

*Hopefully the photography will get better too.