Unjinxed Cupcakes

Recently I’ve been having a bit of trouble making cupcakes. Whilst they’re perfectly edible, they either lack the taste of the perfect cupcake, or the iced top looks like someone has dropped it. These ‘failures’ led me to believe I’m jinxed.

However, I’m back and have regained my semi-formed prowess. Cakes of choice were some rosewater cupcakes, perfectly scented (though my jinx worries were that the cake would smell like ‘l’eau de granny’, ending up smelling like a blue-rinsed, eighty year old’s boudoir. MMmm think about that as you bite into it). But adding teeny amounts bit by bit prevented this, and with just a smidgen of patience – something I’m yet to excel at – voila!

Though now I just want to make every cupcake recipe going. Think I may have to pace this ambition.

A note on decorations though – I always find that the cupcakes in cafes and bakeries have far too much icing. I always try and go a bit light on the icing as otheriwse the cake itself becomes heavily masked, surely they have nothing to hide? Though I do have a friend who only eats the icing, leaving her boyfriend with the soggy naked cupcake. I suppose it’s down to taste, but one dollop does me, compared to the three the book recommended.

So far, positive reviews from the family, and as usual I’m sure work will be grateful for some sweet morsels to take the edge off the Monday morning rush. I’ll save one for my brother as well, ‘cos he’s had a crappy day, and I’m sure he’ll love nothing better than a pink, flowery and glittery cake. Hmm, maybe he’ll be nice and give it to his girlfriend.

*apologies for the bad photos, still looking for that darn charger…


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