Terry’s Brownies

So after the superb Underground Market* yesterday, I returned home with some brownies to munch on (I must admit, a few were eaten on the way home when we got stuck in traffic).

Two days after I made them, they are still, if not more, delicious. But why Terry’s Brownies? I took some into work today, and they were devoured with glee, with remarks that it tastes exactly like the infamous chocolate orange.

I took that as a compliment, but am suprised how strong the orange flavour is, considering it only has the zest of two oranges in a massive batch. I doubt that the well known manufacturer of chocolate orange flavoured orbs use real orange. What was a bit of a gamble payed off, and am suprised as any fruit near chocolate is considered an abomination in my eyes – the last choccies in the sweetie jar are always the crappy cremes.

I only have a couple left, but I am saving them for desert tomorrow. Smash some roasted pecans and walnuts over the top and I have a true fudgy treat!

*I’m afraid I was a bit silly and forgot my camera to take pictures of the market, but search on google and twitter and you’ll find numerous other stall holders have blogged away. Looking forward to hearing about the successes of the venture.


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